1. All those entering the campsite must go through official registration and receive the permission of the campsite authorities. Permission will not be given without full acceptance of the following regulations.

2. The tariffs displayed in reception are valid from time of arrival to 13 o'clock the following day.

3. Tents and caravans may only be put in position with permission of the campsite authorities and never during the designated periods of silence.

4. The parking of vehicles is permitted only within the areas designated by the campsite authorites who may require a vehicle to be moved at any time to make room for another tent or caravan.

5. Noise must be kept to a minimum during the day and absolute silence must be maintained from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. Cars must not be used during this period. Radios, televisions etc. are allowed only at very low volume.

6. Guests must look after their property. The campsite auhorities do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage (except for objects which may be left in reception and for which a receipt is issued).

7. The speed limit for vehicles on the campside is 5 Kph.

8. The campsite must be kept clean and tidy. Clothes and dishes may only be washed in the designated areas. It is forbidden ti dig holes and ditches, to light fires or to use inappropriately any campsite facilities. Young children must always be accompanied when using the toilets and other campsite facilites.

9. Campers must inform the campsite authorities of the presence of any pet animals. The authorities reserve the right to refuse permission.

10. Electric sockets may only be used with prior permission and only for lights and fridges. All appliances must be earthed and conform to "CEI" and "UNI" safety standards.

11. Anyone not obeying the rules and regulations or whose behaviour disturbs the atmosphere or the campsite will be asked to leave.

12. Guests must also respect any changes to the regulations (which will be posted at the entrance to the campsite) which may be made by the authorities or the Regione Veneto.


13. Pet owners must keep an eye on them and wash them so that they can not disturb or cause damage.

14. Parents or their representative are asked to control and, if necessary, to bridle their children’s excessive behaviour.

15. The campsite authorities reserve the right to modify the arrangement of caravans, tents or cars at any time.

16. The campsite authorities deny liability for damages due to natural disasters or vandalism.

17. You can park just one car by your caravan or tent, other cars must be parked within the car park provided.

18. Visits in the guest area are allowed only by permission of the campsite authorities, through receive of identity papers and payment of the day price; they must be neither large nor frequent, anyway.

19. Assembly of any model of Winter pre-entering, independently of the size and the material used, is subject to the permission of the campsite authorities who can otherwise let it dismantle at any time.

20. In order to avoid useless protests, the campsite authorities underline that every different rule in force in other campsites is here invalid.