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• Are pets allowed?
Yes, they are as long as the regulations are observed.

• Have you got any bungalows?
No, we have not.

• Have you got caravan service?
Yes, for the sole use of our guests.

• Is booking compulsory?
No, it is not. Anyway, it is recommended.

• How can I make a booking?
The best way would be per e-mail: edenk@tin.it or per telephone: +39 (0)437599138.

• Is it possible to pay by credit or cash card?
Not at the moment.

• The campsite is:
- 1500 m far from Falcade town centre;
- 50 m far from the ski slopes;
- 1000 m far from the ski trails;
- 150 m far from the nearest pizzeria;
- 150 m far from the nearest restaurant;
- 2000 m far from the cinema;
- 1300 m far from Falcade plain and its sporting facilities.

• Is your campsite easy to reach by caravans or other vehicles?
Yes, all the year round.

• Is there a “silence time”?
Yes, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

• Have you got any car parks outside your campsite?
Yes, we have.

• How do you remove your refuse?
Through central waste separation.

• Have you got any ski stores?
Not at the moment.

• Have you got any markets?
Yes, we have a minimarket.

• Have you got a lounge?
Yes, we have one with TV.

• Is there a minimum stay?
No, there is not.

• Can I wash and dry my washing?
Yes, you can. We have a washing machine and a clothes drier.

• Are your rooms heated?
Yes, they are.

• Are the showers provided with hot water?
Yes, they are.

• Is there toilet paper in the toilets?
Yes, there is.

• Are there any excursions to mountain huts, walking paths or mountain bike routes from your campsite?
Yes, there are several.

Camping Eden - Falcade - Dolomiti

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