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Rizzi family has been working since 1969 for three generations in the tourism “in the open air” and is pleased to welcome you to their campsite in the Val Biois valley. Our campsite is 1200 meters above sea level in a quiet easily accessible position, among fir and beech woods, between Focobon and Valles streams, at the foot of the mountain chain “Trinità del Focobon” (3054 m). The 140 grassy and tree-lined places of our campsite are perfect for a mental rest and your physical well-being. In the middle of the beautiful alpine nature, you will totally enjoy happy and carefree days. From Falcade you can go easily to the town centre: many traditional “tabià”, a lot of fountains and the wonderful plain with its lawns, woods and a nice tarn.

In summer our campsite Eden and the surroundings become experience and discovery. It is the ideal destination for pleasant family walking, strengthening Nordic Walking paths and many routes for mountain bike lovers. A true paradise for fishers, mushroom and soft fruit pickers, too. The Focobon peaks, Mount Mulaz and the mountain chain Auta offer several excursions to mountain huts, from short and easy paths to long and hard ones, as well as rock climbing routes. The places of the Great War (1915-1918) are extremely interesting. Moreover, Falcade is crossed by the path “Alta Via n° 1 delle Dolomiti” and right from the campsite Eden you start the path “Alta Via Tilman” which ends in Asiago. Traditionalists can also ride, play tennis or bowls. If you like extreme adrenaline adventures, you can not miss the ZipLine San Tomaso Agordino at the foot of the Val Biois valley!

Falcade and the Val Biois valley are rich in culture, nature, history and tradition. Some men and their works left to us testify to this richness. The valley offers the classic features of the Dolomites: a large variety of minerals (calcite), a wide plant variety (mugo pines, Swiss pines, fir trees etc.), hundreds of flowers (lilies, orchids, crocuses, edelweiss etc.) and a large fauna (ibex, deers, roe deers, hares, foxes, badgers, eagles, owls etc.). In addition to the already named “tabià”, which have been standing the test of time for centuries, the local cookery plays a prominent part, too. Its typical dishes mix a traditional poverty with a fertile imagination: the “balote”, “pasta da pavare”, “tocà da boia” and the fantastic “carfògn”. The Val Biois valley is the home town of several world-famous celebrities such as John Paul I, born Albino Luciani, “the smiling Pope”, the poet Don Pietro Follador, the scholar Padre Felice Maria Cappello, the poet coming from a farming family Valerio Da Pos, the writer and poet Carmela Ronchi and lots more. The wood carver Augusto Murer, the so-called “Michelangelo of wood”, has also played a prominent role. Its studio and laboratory are just about a hundred meters far from our campsite Eden. Other attractions are of course the several churches and capitals in the most beautiful panoramic points of the Val Biois valley, especially St. Simon Church in Vallada Agordina, national monument where you can admire the great Paris Bordòne’s frescos.

Our wonderful valley offers all that and even more. Find out the rest by yourself!

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